What People Are Saying….

“I originally saw the Out of Sight Cases at the Bay Area Diabetes Summit in 2015. I purchased one thinking it might help me be more organized. I really need all my supplies to be together so that I don’t forget things. If pen needles or strips are low, I can see at a glance and replace them quickly.
Well, I fell in love with my first case. There is a place for everything and any meter can be Velcro-ed on (and replaced as needed when the meter is upgraded). I loved it so much, I bought another one (this time in purple) to outfit just like the first one. I take it with me when I travel. It is in my luggage while my everyday Out Of Sight Case is in my purse. If anything happens while I’m sightseeing, I have the back up waiting in the hotel room!
My 2-year-old case has not worn out — the zipper is just as smooth as when I bought it and the pockets and Velcro are still intact. I take 5 to 7 shots a day (long-acting, meal and correction/snack shots) and so this case gets a lot of use!!!

I recently purchased the Out of Sight ULTRA case. It is even roomier and I have switched to this larger version and love it. It holds more items, but it is not that much larger dimension – wise inside my purse.

Because of the stiffer material on the ULTRA,  it is a great “platform” on my knees when I have to shoot up in a precarious location.
Also, it is more sanitary and my pen needles and caps don’t roll off the edge.
Sigh, now I have to buy a second one for my travels.
March 2017
Denise, age 55. T1D since age 26.

“I love my case.  I can carry all of my supplies.  It is easy to carry by itself and I like all the velcro pieces so I can take my things out fast.”  Beanie.

“As a parent I like everything in one place that is easy to transfer from her school bag to my purse!”  Trina. (Beanie’s Mom).

(Just purchased their second case in 2016).

 August 2016

Beanie, 12. Diagnosed at 6.

“My active 15 year old athlete loves her Out of Sight Case.  She’s had it over a year and it gets a workout!
It’s been on the gym floor, softball diamond, the bottom of a PE locker, it washes up beautifully and still looks great.
I was thrilled to find the jaguar print (cheetah) as the high school mascot is the jaguar. The case will be all the rage when she returns to school this Fall.
Thank you for making diabetes just a little bit easier!”
Gina, Rosa’s Mom. (Just purchased her second Out of Sight Case!)
June 2015
Rosa, 15. Diagnosed at 4.

“Christopher loves his case. We love the quality and the look of the case, plus it makes it even easier to see if we have everything we need. We give it two thumbs-up!”

Carla (Christopher’s mom) and Christopher, 12.

April 2015


Christopher, 12. Diagnosed at 9.

“I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 14. Not easy for a freshman going into high school. Yeah I was deeply depressed and I didn’t want to accept it. I didn’t want to accept it so much that I neglected my duty of keeping my sugar in check, but as time went on I began to realize that this disease is going to be a part of my life forever. I like to go out with my brother and his friends to baseball games, football games, parties, etc., and it has always been hard to check my sugar during these outings. I am 18 now and Ms. Mary Day’s invention has helped improve my ability to check my sugar and keep it in check by tenfold if not more. This invention is one of the greatest by far that I have seen that helps in checking one’s sugar. Before, I used to check one out of four times a day, now I check four out of four times a day, hardly ever missing a check or my insulin. This could be the birth of a revolution!”

May 2012

Luis, 18. Diagnosed at 14.

“Everything you need and all in one place. Life changing! My ULTRA case made travelling internationally with diabetes easier than I ever could have imagined.”

September 2018

Emily, aged 23. Diagnosed at 9.

“My mother and father both were diabetic, as were my grandparents on my dad’s side…..so it wasn’t “if”, but “when” I would be facing life as a diabetic. I have been treated since my late 20’s to early 30’s, mostly with diet control and oral medication. In 2009, I could no longer take the oral medications and started taking insulin shots. I will be 65 years young in September, 2016.

During my business life, I travelled significantly, trudged through airports and endured out-of-town meetings where continental breakfast and/or lunch were served (usually high carb or high sugar) that was not suitable for a diabetic. Since retiring, I continue to travel and have a non-predictable eating schedule. As a result, I am always on the outlook for “discreet” ways to carry all of my testing and insulin supplies, either in my briefcase or in a small auxiliary case.

I received my case a few days ago and I am very pleased with its functionality and design. I use a small computer case to hold my diabetes supplies, cell phone, sun glasses and power cords. The Out of Sight bag takes the place of two separate bags that I used to carry for my diabetic supplies and it fits neatly in the computer bag length-wise.

After looking and looking for “the right bag” I was pleased to find someone making a bag that understands what a diabetic really needs. The “free” bags that the meter manufacturers provide are mostly useless.”

January 2016.


Lee, 64. Diabetic since 1979. Insulin dependent since 2009.

“Before I got my new case from  Out of Sight Cases, I could barely fit my BG meter in the case it came in, let alone zip it up!  With the Out of Sight Case, I can fit everything I need and zip it up very easily. I don’t use the ankle strap, just throw it in my backpack and go.”

April 2015

Quinn, 16.

My daughter, Delaney, bought one of your Out of Sight Cases at Bearskin Meadows Camp and loves it! She thinks it’s real hip and very cool (something that is hard to do with diabetes apparatus). It’s hard for her to carry around her meter all the time, but now she doesn’t think it’s so bad. Delaney is 9 now and definitely wants more girl things ,so your case was perfect!

Thanks for everything!”

 Sept 2013

Mike, (Delaney's Dad).

“My Out of Sight Case has helped me with a lot of things. Before I had it, I could not go anywhere because I didn’t have my stuff with me or I had to come back home to take my insulin. I had to come home by a certain time to take my medicine, as I hated to carry my stuff in my pocket.

Now that I have my case, I fill it up with all of the things I need, put it on my ankle , and then I’m out the door and I do not have to carry anything in my pocket.

I like this case, because I don’t even feel it and I’m freer than before as I have it on me everywhere I go. It helps me a lot.”

Sept 2012

Arturo, 18. Diagnosed at 14.

“It made a difference for me because it’s small, compact and easy to use. It’s easier to take your medicine with you, including your insulin. It’s not visible to other people. It made my blood sugar more stable because I had it on me.”

May 2012


Timmy, 15.

“My new Out of Sight® Case ULTRA has worked its way completely into my day. I live where it’s hot, so the cooler pocket allows me to keep the insulin in my car. I love looking at the case; it’s instant peace of mind. I can see all of my day’s supplies, organized, in one place. In my case, organization has led to more consistent blood sugar testing.”

August 2016


Ryan, 27. Diagnosed at 9.

Co-Founder. DiabetesDailyGrind.com

“I bought my Out of Sight Case at Bearskin Meadow Camp and love it! I got my case almost three years ago and it is still in great shape.

I can fit everything I need all in one place. I carry glucose tabs, my meter, two bottles of test strips, as well as backup insulin and syringes in case of a pump malfunction. It is great because it’s all in one place- I can grab it and go and be sure I didn’t leave anything behind.

It’s also perfect for if I don’t want to carry a purse. I can fit my phone, money, and house key in it! It’s the perfect size and a fun cheetah print pattern. It has made diabetes just a little easier for me. Thank you for creating such an amazing product!”

October 2015

Josie, 23. Diagnosed at 8.

“My family met your wonderful daughters this summer at Bearskin Meadows Camp. It was a pleasure getting to know them and they helped to make family camp a truly memorable experience for me, my husband, and our two sons.

At camp, we purchased two of your cases—we absolutely love them! My 9-year-old son and I each have Type 1 diabetes. Until your cases, we’d been using our meter cases and throwing the rest of our supplies in my purse and my son’s “diabetes bag,” which is a small backpack. We would end up with lancets floating all over the place and glucose tabs spilling and leaving their dust everywhere. I once even found a backup syringe without its cap in the bottom of my son’s bag! Scary and dangerous!

Since buying your cases, our diabetes supplies are organized, clean, and safe. Though your cases are not much bigger than the meter cases, they magically hold so much more! In each case, we are able to fit backup infusion sets, syringes, glucose tabs, two vials of test strips, lancets, alcohol swabs, and even some jelly bellies. The icing on the (sugar-free) cake is the fabric. My son is proud of his camouflage case. And it is nearly impossible to confuse our cases, which used to happen with the old meter cases, as mine is now a fun leopard print.

The only at-home modification that we’ve made is to tape down the corners of the plastic meter bag. We use the One Tough Ping, which tapers in a little at the bottom. The bag that fits our meters is a little wide at the bottom, which allows it to stop up the zipper sometimes. It was an easy fix, though–I just taped across the bottom with simple masking tape.

(This feature has been discontinued. The case no longer uses meter bags. We now supply a piece of velcro to attach to your meter. Speeds up checks! – Out of Sight Cases).

Thank you for creating a wonderful tool that makes the diabetic life just a little easier. As you well know, diabetes is an “always on” disease and every little bit of help is immeasurable!”

Sept 2013

Sara Simmons.

“I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 11 (18 years ago). From the beginning, I struggled with maintaining a sense of normalcy. Being diabetic, there are many things to worry about. Having to keep so many supplies with me at all times really was a burden until I got my Out of Sight Case.

It contains everything that I need, and is very compact. I absolutely love the practicality of it, as well as the versatility. I only wish I’d had it from the beginning!

I love how no matter what I’m using, it adapts to my needs. Whether I’m using a pen or syringes, it is extremely accommodating. I keep all of my supplies in it: Insulin vials/pens, syringes, lancets, glucose monitor, test strips, snacks, glucose gel/tablets, logbook, batteries, and even a few extras. It fits easily into my purse, and I can remove things and take them with me in the removable mesh bag, if necessary. It’s also really convenient for travel.

My blood sugar levels are in control now more than ever, and I 100% believe that my Out of Sight Case has had a major role in that. I finally feel that sense of normalcy that I’ve been looking for. Thanks, Out of Sight Cases!”


Aug 2013

Mary, 29. Diagnosed at 11.