Tie-Dye Fleece Ext
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Tie-Dye Fleece Out of Sight ORIGINAL


Timeless Tie-Dye.

Super Soft Fleece.




Mesh Bags

Versatile, detachable little bag.

Just the right size for all of the necessities!

Fits meter, lancet device, strips, syringes, insulin, and a correction.

Pumpwearers can also carry a combination of the above and/or pump supplies.

This bag is included with an Out of Sight Case.

Can be purchased separately.

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Product Description

Fuzzy, fleece Tie-Dye. Irresistibly touchable……

Hand wash, warm water. Hang dry.

7 3/4″L x 5 1/4″W x 1″D

Made in San Francisco, California. USA.

Each Out of Sight Case includes:

One detachable mesh bag (6 ” W x 4 1/2″ L) and one 2″ x 2″ strip of industrial strength sticky back Velcro.

Simply cut Velcro to size and stick to back of meter. Allow to dry.

Attach meter to case. Makes changing meters fast and easy!

PLEASE NOTE : Straps sold separately.

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Additional Information

Mesh Bags

Mesh Bag Color

Black, Green, Navy, Neon Pink, Strawberry, Turquoise


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