Midnight/Lime Out of Sight ULTRA



New Option:

Insulated Pocket can be switched for any color of mesh bag. Choose from ORIGINAL Case mesh options.   Make change known by writing in Order Notes at checkout. ie  “Switch pocket for Red Mesh”   



A diabetes supply case designed around your needs……..

“In response to many requests from my customers over the past 3 years, I am proud to say I have finally managed to incorporate all of their needs in a compact fun, durable case and it is only slightly larger than the original Out of Sight® Case.”  Mary Day. Owner/Designer of Out of Sight Cases.

Features :

  • Most Requested Item  Front pocket fits Glucagon – I designed the case around this item!
  • 2nd Most Popular Request  Case includes detachable insulated pocket. This pocket is interchangeable with the original mesh bag. Additional mesh bags can be purchased. The ULTRA does double duty here and can be changed out depending on need.
  • 3rd  Most Requested Item. Interior pocket for ID.
  • Case has exterior strap – Can be used to carry or attach to backpack or other item.
  • Fits pump supplies, batteries, syringes, etc., and can be used for numerous other medical conditions. Designed with both types of diabetes in mind.
  • Case is offered in bright, color-blocked, heavy-duty Cordura (backpack fabric). Makes case easy to spot.
  • As with the original – there is a space for everything. Once every spot is filled, you know you are good to go. Reduces/eliminates trips home for forgotten items.
  • Case includes 2” x 2” piece of industrial strength velcro. Cut a piece, attach to meter. Helps when changing out meters.
  • Case aids with compliance. Bright colors, careful design and ease of use encourages testing. Placement of interior components speeds up BG checks.


  • Heavy Duty CORDURA Nylon Fabric. Exterior.
  • Nylon Ripstop Fabric. Interior.
  • Built to last!
  • Dimensions: Case – 9”L x 6” W x .75”D. Interior pocket – 7.25”L x 5”W.
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