I’ve worked with children with diabetes for the past 17 years at a major Children’s Hospital. The kids I work with really like the Out of Sight Cases because they are big enough to carry necessary supplies, but not too large or bulky.  The design is very well thought out. It’s an added bonus that they can be strapped on an ankle or thigh, especially for the teenage boys.”

 Kathy Love, RD, CDE

Pediatric Diabetes Educator

Diabetes case too small?

Look Familiar?


Just diagnosed? Do you recognize this little case? Now what? How do you carry the rest of your stuff? Most popular solutions: shop for a larger case/fanny pack/backpack, look for clothes with extra pockets, leave the stuff at home.

How About This?


This doesn’t help. Now you spend time rummaging around, looking for what you want, making sure nothing falls out.

Did I forget something?

diabetes supply bag too messy?
The best diabetes case ever. Out of Sight Cases.

Problem solved!


Finally, you find out about the Out of Sight Case, and your problem is solved! Nothing tumbles out. All of your supplies are neatly secured with a “space for everything.”  Once each spot is filled, you can feel confident that nothing is left behind. No more wasted time rummaging around looking for your stuff – everything is in it’s place……..ready when you are. Speeds up checks so you can get on with your day. 


Case can be worn on ankle or thigh – under clothing. Discreet and comfortable. See video here. Research has shown that regular checking is critical in diabetes care and can reduce emergencies and stabilize blood glucose levels. An Out of Sight Case encourages regular checking and makes living with diabetes easier and a lot more fun!

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