Writing from the hip….

A little known fact is that I am a Hip Hop fan, and as many of you may know a mom of two daughters with Type 1.

Was listening to Q102.1, the Throwback Station here in the Bay Area, and heard of the passing of Phife Dawg, cofounder of the group A Tribe Called Quest. First thought… “Wow! He’s really young!” Next words over the radio, “Complications from diabetes.” Remembered he had Type 1.

Stephanie, rapping with her friend in high school. I believe they shot the video in her friend’s bedroom. The track was “Check The Rhime,” from A Tribe Called Quest. Ironically, Steff sang Phife’s lines.

Initially, this realization would be one of sadness. Interesting reaction this time. I was brought back to memory of my daughter,

This morning logged on to Facebook, to see if I could find the video, it must have been deleted.

It was a moment in time, when diabetes was not the focus. Steff and her friend were just being teens, hanging out. I never conveyed to Steff how much I loved this video.

R.I.P. Phife. This may be one of the first times ever, since Emily’s diagnosis in 2002 that the connection with Type 1 has actually brought back a fond memory. Thank you Phife.

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