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Enjoy Your Life with a Concealed Diabetes Case 

Finally there is a way to enjoy a stress-free, independent life AND manage your diabetes—with Out Of Sight Cases. These cool, compact cases organize and store all your diabetes supplies so it’s easy for you to be active and have fun. With a special spot for everything you need, simply filling the case will show you that you have all you need for at least a day, maybe two!

Mary Day, owner of Out Of Sight Cases, created these innovative supply cases to make it easier for kids with type 1 diabetes to lead more carefree lives. Mary raised two daughters with type 1 diabetes, so she knows firsthand the pressure of having to make sure you have everything you need with you at all times, wherever you go. Forgetting one important item can really wreck your plans.

A decade later when Mary met a teenage boy with type 1 diabetes, she was determined to make a difference. Mary wanted to find a way to restore this boy’s sense of freedom and upbeat perspective that he’d lost after his diagnosis. She envisioned a small, discreet case with a place for everything that would allow him to continue to play soccer and hang with friends. 

Mary has carefully designed the cases to accommodate all you need to manage your diabetes while away from home. Each Out Of Sight case is made of durable materials, with sturdy zippers and seams that stand up to daily use. Best of all, like the name says, it can be worn under your clothing, out of sight. Use the adjustable straps to comfortably secure your case anywhere on your leg under your pants, shorts, or skirt. No more ugly fanny packs or heavy backpacks. With this little case, you’ll always be prepared and ready for anything.

Inside each case is a removable mesh bag for just the essentials. It’s easy to toss into your backpack or purse. Use your Out Of Sight Case for all your diabetes supplies, or trade out a couple items for your ID, cell phone, or keys. Out Of Sight Cases make living with diabetes a whole lot easier!

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